Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Printable Love Notes | Compliment Cards

Surprise someone you love with a happy little gift.  The compliment cards below are a sweet way to let your loved one know just how much you treasure them.  Place a card in their lunch or briefcase so they can find it while they are away.  What a great way to brighten a loved one's day and it's so simple and easy. 

You can write your own note or greeting on the back to make it personal and even more meaningful. 

Who doesn't love a reminder of how much they mean to others?  Enjoy and share and help others also spread some more love please!

These cards are 6x4 in high resolution and in the popular chalkboard look :).

Free to print and use for personal use.  Enjoy and make someone you love smile today! 

free compliment card
Free Printable Compliments

printable compliment cards
Printable Compliment Cards