Monday, October 27, 2014

Lots of Free Printables for Halloween

We have posted many free Printables for the Halloween season this year that I hope you will enjoy and pass along by sharing a link to my blog.

Here is a pinterest pinnable graphic to spread the word and below is a list of all the freebies with direct links!

Free Halloween Printables

List of Halloween Freebies Posted Here

Free High-Res Scrapbook Papers

Victorian Halloween Postcard Images

Vintage Halloween Tile - little girl witch in red very cute

Free Printable Halloween Wine Labels.  Use to give extra spirit to your spirits!

Vintage Custom Halloween Graphic.  Use this cute graphic and verse on tags, scrapbook pages, postcards - whatever.

10 Gothic/Grunge Halloween Scrapbook Papers - these are high-res and very nice. Use them in your art, or print them off for scrapbook pages.

Custom Ouija Board Graphic.  I created this custom graphic and you may print it to use for personal use or for your crafts (Please do not sell or use any of my stuff in digital products or on websites without permission)

Blanks for Creating Custom Labels - There are three in elegant colors with borders.  Use them as a background for creating your own custom wine labels.

Free Wine Label - Witches Brew - Midnight Flight Potion.  Feel free to print and use on your own wine bottles.

Free Wall Art 8 x 10 bats and a full moon, castle wall and Happy Halloween text in creepy font.  Personal use only please.

More 8 x 10 Wall Art.  Fun dancing skeletons - Eat, Shriek and Be Scary! Free for personal use and great in a frame on a buffet table :)

Free 4 inch Tile - Awesome creepy owl silhouette with glowing eyes perched on a spooky tree.  Use on tile crafts or in scrapbooks - any craft project you like.

Printable Art - 10 x 8 landscape print - "When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near Halloween!" Personal use only please. 

SO - I hope you enjoy all the Halloween freebies.  Please comment and give me feedback if you do! It gets lonely here on the internet  :)   Also, please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see for Halloween next year, or for the forthcoming Christmas season.  Have a safe and wonderful Halloween! 

Thank you for dropping by and helping me to get my dream of a blog, website and Etsy shop off the ground :)

Awesome Free Printable Halloween Banner

This is my last Halloween offering most likely as I have a busy week ahead and not sure I'll have time to get to more.  There are many Halloween freebies posted though, so I hope you'll enjoy a few of them. 

This one is for Halloween banners.  I did them in an awesome Victorian font against black lace on a cool gradient.  The look is really elegant and contrasting - perfect to print off and hang along some black string.  I used some of the Gothic / Halloween papers I offered previously to do the letters.

Each letter image will fit nicely on  4 x 6 inch photo paper.  You can download all of them in a zip file HERE.

The download opens in a new window and you can save to your favorite spot on your computer.

Free for personal use only please! 

free halloween banner printable
Free Printable Halloween Banners to Hang

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Free Collage Sheet Winter Theme

Today's offering is a small sheet of 1 inch square tiles.  They feature ornate shapes on winter themed backgrounds.  Use them in pendants, on tiles, or however your heart desires.  You may use them for personal and commercial projects - so long as your items are tangible items you are selling - not to be resold in digital format. 

Free Collage Sheet Ornate Shapes Winter Theme
I thought these would be fun in different shades of red, green, blue, gold and silver - perfect for dressing up winter themed projects.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Free Halloween Print Frameable Art

Halloween is only a week away - I hope you'll enjoy this graphic.  Print it off and place it in a black frame and hang it for some spooky fun Halloween decor. 

The phrase is taken from a vintage Halloween postcard.  The rest is a spooky image created by me for fun.  Enjoy it for your personal use only please. 

halloween printable witch black cat landscape format
Free Halloween Print to Frame

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Free Printable Snowflake Scrapbook Papers High Res

Today I thought I'd share some pretty, high-res scrapbook papers with a snowflake theme.  These will make great backgrounds for many holiday projects and they are very pretty in a variety of colors.  Enjoy :)

 You can download all five high-resolution 8x8 inch papers HERE.

high res free printable christmas papers
Free Printable Christmas Scrapbook Papers

Monday, October 20, 2014

Free Victorian Christmas Postcard Printable

I love postcards, especially during the Christmas season.  They are unique and different than standard greeting cards and I don't get paper cuts opening them ;). 

Postcards are a fun way to send a greeting any time actually and they can be fun to make.  In fact, I plan to create a tutorial on turning one's own images into postcards soon, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, you are free to download the non-watermarked version of my postcard Here.  It's in .pdf format for ease of use and will create a standard 4 x 6 postcard. 

free Christmas postcard printable

Print them off and send them, or use them in other projects.  If you enjoy my graphics and printables please share :) thanks! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

4 Free Victorian Christmas Pendant Rounds

I love Victorian graphics, especially the old postcards and greeting cards, which are what these originated from.  I repurposed them a bit sharpening the images and placing them on different backgrounds.

You can use these 1 inch rounds for pendants, scrapbooking, or anything you desire.  They are free for personal use.  For commercial use, you will be able to download a full set of 12 soon in high res on my site.

Enjoy and please pass them on if you enjoy this site/blog.


free download - personal use only Victorian Pendant Graphics
Free Vintage Christmas 1 inch rounds for pendants or magnets

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cute Vintage Halloween Wine Label Free Printable

So, today's offering is a free wine label you can print to place on a bottle for Halloween.  If you look through the archived posts you'll see some of my ideas and also find a couple of additional labels you can use for your Halloween DIY creations. 

This label was made from a vintage Halloween postcard of several witches dancing around a pumpkin.  The black cat with his fluffy tale and glaring eyes and the owl in flight are all awesome additions.  It was so cute, I knew I had to make it into a "Witches Brew" label.  Hopefully it will help you make your spirits a bit more intoxicating this Halloween. 

You may print this label off and use it for your personal use, or you may sell creations you make with it.  You may not sell it digitally or place it on your own website/blog.  Kindly direct people here if you would like to share my resources. 

Thank you!

halloween wine label free printable witches brew
Free Halloween Printable Wine Label Vintage Witches, Owl, Cat and Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free 8 x 10" Halloween Wall Art

We have less than two weeks to go until my favorite holiday ever, which also happens to be my birthday :) - That's right - Halloween. 

Today's offering is another piece of free art you can frame and display.  Check out the creepy castle and flying bats.  :)  Enjoy!

The font I used if you enjoy it and want to download it is the Ricky Vampdator font.  It's a very fun font for Halloween, Goth and Horror type creations. 

Feel free to print and use for personal use.  Do not place my images on your own site - please share links to this blog post or my main website.  Thanks.

free halloween art 8 x 10
Free Halloween Art 8 x 10"

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free Holiday Gift Tags with Birds

Today's freebie is a little Christmas / Holiday offering of 2 high res custom gift tags.  One features a beautiful, bright cardinal and the other a charming little bluebird.  Feel free to print and use them for gifts this holiday season. 

free printable gift tags
Christmas Gift Tags Cardinal Bluebird

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Free Halloween Wall Art 8 x 10

Today's freebie is a lovely 8 x 10" piece of Halloween wall art.  What's more fun than dancing skeletons?  Dancing skeletons with wine and cupcakes of course!  Frame it, hang it or do whatever you like with it.  It will add some flare to your Halloween festivities. 

Click on the image to download the full size version.  Have fun! 

free halloween printables wall art 8 x 10
Eat Drink and Be Scary Dancing Skeletons

Halloween Display for Jewelry or Other Items

Today I want to share a little project I created to use for a product display for my Halloween necklaces.  I love how it turned out and it was very easy, albeit a bit messy to do. 

I shared before how to make the wine bottle lamps here. 

Since I sell both pendant necklaces and wine bottle lights; I figured it was only fitting to create a display that highlights both.  I wanted the display to be cute and eye-catching, without taking away from the necklaces themselves.  This is what I came up with.

DIY Halloween Craft Ideas
Halloween Jewelry Display
So, what do you think? Cute or what :)

I got the hooks in the Christmas section of a local store.  I saw their curvy design and had to try something with them.  Originally I was going to use silver cup hooks, but these were SO much cuter. 

My husband took a piece of scrap wood and drilled a hole through the center with a spade bit just big enough for it to sit snugly on top of the bottle.  I then affixed the hooks with some E6 - which will bond anything (including fingers and clothes etc) but dries nice and clear. 

After the hooks were attached I sealed the whole piece to protect the paint from chipping etc.  I then broke out the hot glue gun and placed my owl, hat, skull and spider over the top in the center. 

The frosted look of the bottle is actually silver tissue paper that I Mod Podged onto the bottle.  It is semi-transparent and kind of crinkly on the bottle so it looks cool even when not lit. 

Not bad for a very inexpensive display huh?  :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

12 Gorgeous Free High-res Scrapbook Papers Vintage Autumn Colors

set of 12 shabby chic scrapbook papers with Autumn colorsToday's freebie offering is a set of 12 - count 'em 12 300 dpi high-res 8 x 8" scrapbook (or whatever) papers.  They all have a subtle, elegant pattern with an aged look to them.  I wanted to do something in more muted fall colors so these come in shades of gold, orange and brown.  I hope you will enjoy them and use them in all sorts of fun projects.

These papers all correspond with each other, some are very shabby chic and others are less aged - a little bit of everything with a soft, warm color scheme.  I love bright fall colors of course :) - but I think there's a beauty in the more subtle Earth tones as well. 

If you do use these, feel free to share with me.  I love to see what other people create and I'll likely feature you on my blog if you do.

You can download these in a .zip file by clicking here. 

Are you looking for anything in particular? Feel free to let me know - I'm always happy for suggestions, inspirations etc.   

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Leaves Free Scrapbooking Printable

Today's freebie is a fun little offering.  It's a collage of fall foliage within a leaf shape.  Would be great for scrapbooks, or let the kids cut them out and decorate with them.  Pretty pop of brilliant autumn colors. 


collage of autumn leaves within a leaf shape free printable
Fun fall leaf for scrapbooking or decorating

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

40+ Free Halloween Printables

40+ Free Halloween Printables  

Here is another great post filled with really cute (not scary at all) printables that the whole family can enjoy.  Sometimes it's hard to find things that little kids can enjoy without being creeped out by it.  I focus a lot of a bit of each - spooky/goth and cute.  If you're in the market for cute printables, projects, and fun ideas be sure to check out the blog post linked above courtesy of

Very nice :) 

Free Halloween Tile Creepy Owl in Tree Silhouette

Today's freebie is a 4 x 4 graphic you can use for your creations.  It features a background from this set which I offered previously.  The owl, tree and moon look extra creepy against this background and I think it would make a great tile trivet, coaster, or even pendant necklace for Halloween. 

If you like it, please share by pinning or tweeting etc.  Please link to my original post and don't place my images on your own site/blog.  I need the traffic and exposure :) Thanks. 

Feel free to use the image below in any project.  You can even sell projects you create with my images - I only ask that you don't resell my images in digital format or online.  In other words, if you create a necklace to sell - fine.  Don't list my images for digital download or just slap them on a Zazzle product  - that's a no no.

Thanks and enjoy!

Halloween Craft Images Free Halloween Printable
Free Halloween Tile Printable Creepy Owl, Moon and Tree Silhouette

Monday, October 6, 2014

Free Thanksgiving Image for Transfers and Tiles

Today's freebie is a 4x4 inch Thanksgiving graphic.  I have included the standard graphic and a reversed one for those who like to do transfers onto wood or tile with gel medium.  Decoupage it, scrapbook it, get creative with it :)

Enjoy and please, please share my blog and website with others who may enjoy using the graphics as well.

Thanks! :)

free printable tile for thanksgiving craft projects
Free printable Thanksgiving word cluster and graphic

Free printable Thanksgiving word cloud graphic reversed for Transfers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Free Halloween Wine Label and Tips on Making Bottles

So, you want to place custom labels on those old wine bottles you've saved, but it's too hard to get the old labels off.  Some labels and their adhesives come off very easily with just a quick soak in baking soda water, but others have this residue that seems to be impenetrable by any Earthly substance.

Don't worry, fortunately there is one substance I've found that makes very quick work of even the most sticky, ingrained adhesives.  drumroll please - WD40.  Spritz a little on, wait 30 seconds or so and wipe it away.  No muscle required, it will slide right off.  I thank my wonderful hubby for showing me this trick - no more time wasted scrubbing away at left over adhesive residue.

So, for today's freebie, I thought I would share a cute Halloween wine label I made with you.  It's full of stripes, pokadots, and lovely vivid Halloween colors.  I hope you will enjoy it.  Be sure to check the Terms of Use page for my very generous terms.  If you'd like to share this label with others, please redirect them to my blog so it can get traction and I can continue to bring you freebies throughout the year.

Happy October!


Free Halloween Wine Label